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Spittle Family Investment and Charitable Corporation
  Spittle Family Charitable corporation (mom, scholarships and more) Children of Bill and Betty - send your $100 a month payments to Tom at

858 Park Ave
Woodbury Heights, NJ 08097-1522

Grands and Great Grands - send your committed amount to Tom at address above

If you want to be set up for automatic deductions from your checking or payroll contact Tom at 856-343-9424 

Responses to family surveys:  Click on the survey to see the results

July 2008 Survey:  Re: Family calls, family property and selling Nova Scotia

Spittle Family Investment Corporation
  The original charter meeting notes (January  17, 1977 8 PM)
spittle family organization

I tried to find the article in the January 1977 Ensign that referred to six kinds of organizations but couldn't.  I also checked January 1976. Nothing.
I did a search and found a list of articles on family organizations.  There are some good ideas in each.

Josiah did a spreadsheet of projections based on investing as a family in real estate.  The projections are conservative (5% growth in value per year). He made his assumptions based on set amounts contributed by each child and grandchild of Bill and Betty.  As he says, "Rich families are rich because they keep their money in the family.  They invest in rentals, vacation properties and buy homes as a family organization rather than individuals. "  

These are suggested amounts.  $100 per month per child of Bill and Betty.  $10 per month per grandchild to start.  After 12 years the total invested is about $284K, the net value of our conservative investment projection is $820K.  

Check them out here.   (These open in new windows.  Close the browser window when you are finished and you'll be back to this page.)


Coming up - a page of suggestions on how families might do this.  Also check the family forum for suggestions.

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